Friday, September 25, 2009

Omigosh...I'm ALIVE

I can't help thinking that somehow, this was all a HUGE mistake. I fell away from my knitting groove, and instead found myself in this total knitting FUNK. Nothing I cast on was good enough, or pretty enough to keep me entertained long enough to actually want to continue knitting it. Not even a dishcloth was enough to get me started. So, obviously, for MONTHS, I haven't knit a thing. Not one single stitch. In fact, the idea to cast on never even entered my mind.

I guess in a way I needed the break. I had stuff to concentrate on that had nothing to do with knitting, and therefore I felt if I didn't think about it, then it wouldn't bother me. Well, it's September (almost October already) and my hands have started to itch. Literally, a tingling in my palms where I would be holding nice, smooth knitting needles while stitches dropped off the tips like magic. So I went a-searching and OH MY GOD, found a pattern that I really really HAD to knit. It's socks, of course. They seem to be my go-to project when I really need to get back into the groove of things. Once I get a few inches of a sock leg going, I'm unstoppable...and then I'll be a knitting fiend...and hopefully won't decide I need a crazy long break again.

I'll letcha know how it works out...maybe even before I head off to Rhinebeck (because I'm SO going this year!). ;)

Till then, keep knitting and cross your fingers that I finally manage to fall out of this knitting void I managed to climb into!