Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year to Live By

As we all welcome in the year 2012 - I'm going to do the expected thing and blog about my New Year resolutions! Predictable in my old age? Yes! Thinking that I'm actually "old" - NEVER!


1. Blog More - I'm not gonna promise to blog once a week, but I think working on an update once a month is more than doable. Hell I'll even put it in my planner! I just need to hop back on this thing!

2. Knit More - Once again, I'm not gonna promise that this year will be filled with projects, but I'd like it to have at least 12. :D I think one project a month is a good start to get my knitty groove back. ;)

3. Get my dang Thyroid regulated - I confess...this should be an easy one as I'm going to the Endocrynologist in February. Hopefully this means they'll finally treat the problem rather than going round the giddy goat with it. :D

I'm stopping at three folks...three measely resolutions. Makes a good start to the New Year I think, and makes me feel that I can live by them. :D How about you out there? Did you go all out there and name fifty million resolutions? Or did you just pick a few things that you think you can stick to? I want to know! :D