Friday, October 24, 2008

I am of teh bored...

So, I've been sitting around for the past few nights, trying to decide if I should get at least a part time job or something to keep me occupied just enough to keep me from going stir crazy. The wife says it's not entirely necessary, but that it'd be helpful, so I'm thinking that yeah I should. However, what the heck do I want to do? I don't want to do CNA work any more. Not even a little. I am burned out after only doing the job for four years, and have no idea how on earth people make it to ten in that career never mind thirty years! It's especially hard because you start to actually care about your residents and then are told that while you can care, you can not do things for them (like donate clothes to'd be amazed at how many people do not have clothes in nursing homes)but have to wait for the families to do it themselves. It's considered "favoritism" and even "abuse" because supposedly it forces the residents to become indebted to you. Of course, that's bullshit. Total, and complete bullshit. I call it caring and they call it abuse. Oh and let's not forget the fact that if the nurse screws up, it's always the lowly CNA's fault. "Cadence, he can't have know that. Now his blood sugar's too high. He's a diabetic for Christ's sake...are you stupid?" (Yes, this was said to me. And in front of other residents and staff. Embarassing, no?) I repeat, no thank you CNA work. You can keep my certificate because I'm done.

So, that just leaves the question of what kind of job I do want. Now, please don't think poorly of me, but I have no desire to have a career. Or if I do, I quite simply do not have a single inkling as to what "I want to be when I grow up". I spent two years at college with the vague idea of being an English Major and when it occurred to me that I had no clue what I wanted to do with that degree (Be a teacher? Ugh, no way. No offense teachers, but I just don't have the kind of patience for that. Especially for the students you guys teach nowadays. You guys are saints in my book. And journalism? No thanks. I'm not nearly cutthroat enough for that job nor am I ambitious enough to be a good one.) I dropped out. The option of going back to school is there, I know, but for what? What do I want to do? Again, no clue. In the meantime, I'll just figure out some kind of job that seems like fun. Not retail...been there, done it and hated it. Maybe waitressing. I liked that, and I used to make really good tips. Or maybe I'll just go apply at a coffee shop or something. When I figure it out, I'll let y'all know. Enough with this semi-maudlin prattle and onto the good stuff.

I have been knitting! Sort of. I can't say I've been cranking out huge amounts of sweaters, or mitts, but I have been knitting small things. Mostly neckwarmers. I've recently discovered that I have a particular fondness for neckwarmers and cowls. They're attractive, simple, and can decorate any coat with panache without being too heavy underneath it. Of course, it is sad when the neckwarmers you've been knitting have all been made from the same pattern, right?


* Pattern: Tudora
* Yarn: Plymouth Colorspun Chunky for the top, and Red Heart TLC Cotton Plus for
* Needles: US9 for the top, US6 for the bottom
* Modifications for the top Tudora: I bound off an extra buttonhole stitch to make room for the extra large button!
* Modifications for the bottom Tudora: In the buttonhole row I K3,BO2,K3,BO2,K4
Then in the next row I K4,CO2,K4,CO2,K3
* Size Made: Normal Size

I really, really like this pattern as far as neck warmers go. It's quick, it's elegant and the assymetry of it is just so very appealing to me for some reason. I love the victorian feel. The top one was made for me, personally, and the bottom one (with the two buttons) was made for my Chocolate and Yarn Swap being run through the Chocolate group in Ravelry. I'm going to make a couple more, definitely, since I have all kinds of buttons and single skeins hanging around, but I'm also planning on branching out into other types of neck warmers. I think I'll knit as many as possible and give them as Christmas gifts to those that will appreciate them.

Weird, isn't it? Nobody seems to appreciate a good, handmade gift nowadays. Everybody wants the most expensive, newest things whether it's clothes or techno-toys. I don't get it. This world is turning into such a breeding ground for commercial-inspired greed, it turns my stomach. That's why this year, I took the Handmade Pledge, and I'm going to try to stick to it as much as possible! Anything to pump money back into local business! :) Especially for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, Halloween (or Samhain for my fellow pagans out there) is just around the corner! I'm so excited, I can hardly contain it. I love Halloween. There's just something about it that thrills me. The crisp fall air filled with smoky, woodsy scents. The clearness of the night sky leaving all those stars to twinkle while you rush from house to house hoping to fill up that pillow case with as much candy as the unsuspecting folks inside can dish out while dressed up like some kind of ghoul, monster or princess. It's just fun! Naturally, I don't trick or treat myself, but my wife will drag out a sack and collect candy with the children of family and friends.

We haven't decorated or anything this year, mostly because we know no one's going to stop by our third floor apartment just to get a candy bar, but we will be carving pumpkins next week. I love carving pumpkins because I literally start to covet freshly roasted seeds around this time of year. I love roasting my own, and experimenting with various sweet/salty spice rubs to smother them in! I think this year I'll do a typical salt/pepper on some of them, a garlic/salt on some, and maybe I'll pan roast some in a mix of brown sugar,cinnamon and butter. Mmmm....and then when Halloween is over, I plan on using the pumpkin for the bake-a-long I'm running in the group Ravelrousing Housewives (if you're on Ravelry, and a bad ass Stay at home mom [SAHM],Stay at home Wife [SAHW],Stay at home Husband [SAHH] or someone who has any of the above...check it out and join us! And yes, if you work a part time job, or have to work a part time job but still spend most of your time at home, you can join us too! We're a really fun bunch of people, and we don't bite...unless you ask us too. ;) )

I have been maintaining some of the spirit of Halloween, however, by playing Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween. If you've never played, I suggest you pop over and take a look at it. You might think it's too late to jump in, but remember, there's still 7 whole days left, and who knows, you might win something. I did. A very sweet tarot card bracelet.
tarot card bracelet by dismissie

Isn't that great? I can hardly wait to get it in my hot little hands. I love the Tarot, and though my cards are probably very angry at me for not picking them up in a long time, I love them. Unconditionally in all their various forms of beauty! Each card is a piece of art to me. The colors, the meanings behind the pictures, everything. I love everything about them. If you want a bracelet like this, and don't feel like trying to win one, check out the lady who actually made it and donated it to the contest. Miss Dismissie of Dismissie's Mixed Bag! Her shop is full of neat stuff, so do yourself a favor and check it out even if you don't want to buy right away so you can keep it in mind for future gift ideas for...uhm...certain people! ;) Also, check out the contest in Mrs. B's Blog...even if you don't want to participate this year, keep it in mind for next year. It's good, clean Halloween fun!

Okay folks, that seems to be all for now! As always, thanks for reading!


mrsb said...

Have you thought about opening an etsy shop for those things you create? Not exactly a "job" per say, but it would be something you like...something without idiots involved (lol)'d be your own boss.

And then, of course, next year, I could hit you up for a donation for the 31 Days of Halloween! ;O)

Anonymous said...

As always, I am vastly entertained by your blog...and I am immensely exhausted after pulling yet another sixteen hour shift. This is why I say a job is unnecessary...because I am slowly killing myself while you stay at home and take care of me when I drag my carcass across the threshold. ^_^ You are a wacky woman and I love you muchly.


Courtney said...

I love the Tudora. I suggest working at Starbucks, I hear they pay good and that they have pretty good benafits.

yarnpiggy said...

I'm with mrsb -- an etsy shop could be a great option!

I haven't done any cowls/neckwarmers yet, but I suspect they'll be a big part of my knitting schedule in the weeks leading up to Christmas. :-)