Friday, October 12, 2007

Dexter is IN the building...

Well, maybe not, but I gotta say that I sure do friggin' well love the second far that is. I mean, I did FINALLY get to see the first two episodes after a two-week wait - Thank whatever powers that be for the miracles of DVR and a friend that's willing to wait until we were able to make it up there to see it! So worth the weight though, even if I'm beginning to like Rita a little less than before. Yes, she went through some terrible shit, and yes, she should definitely have grown a backbone, but come on! Spine is one thing, but turning into a complete and total B*tch? Talk about an unnecessary turnabout. Probably, they're just making it easier for us, as fans, to accept Dexter's cheating (at least, in the preview it so seems like he's gonna anyway). I dunno, I guess I'm just going to have to wait - one of the downfalls of not being able to buy the whole damned season on DVD right away- and see. I just hate the waiting. I want to see it all, right away, right NOW I'm just that anxious to watch. Luckily, I brought something to knit that was pretty mindless so I could just knit away while I watched. Have to have something to do with my hands after all, especially since I'd rather knit than bite the inner flesh of my cheeks off (I do that when I get all antsy and what not). And I was getting pretty nervous there, especially since he didn't actually manage to kill anyone until the second episode. Truthfully, I'm still pretty nervous, on the edge of my seat and just plain antsy about what the writers may or may not do to him in the third episode. I managed to get a little more progress on Jeffrey's Sweater done, though, which is always good. Even managed to get the cute kid to stand still long enough for me to try to guage how big it is for him.

Yeah, it's going to be HUGE on him, which in a way, is kind of good. Maybe he'll get a couple of winters' worth of wear out of it. I mean, I knew he was a peanut...I just didn't figure he was THAT much of a peanut. Hehehe. Still, it's coming out cute though and I think the colors in it really make his pretty eyes pop out. He looks so happy to be wearing it too...hehehe. Next time, I might take the time to thread it on extra yarn though. It might hang better. Oh well, you live you learn, right? And if I have to wait for Dexter, at least I don't have to wait for my yarn. I got it in the mail a couple of days ago, all in a nice, sealed bag which I promptly tore open and discarded so that I could touch it's shiny, softy-ness...and oh it was soft and shiny, believe me there! I'm hoping it'll be enough for the sweater...but I've been told that I might need more but since I'm going to be altering the pattern slightly to suit my figure better I might not need the same amount. :)

And there it all is...a future Buttony! Weehee, I can't wait. I might just start it tonight, but I don't know. I still have a LOT of Christmas knitting not to mention some test knitting to get to as well so it may have to wait. I was wrong about the color though...for some reason I thought there was green in it and well, I must be color blind or something. Either that or my eyes were just plain tired. I dunno, but whatever it is I find that it's actually a grey with a misty bluish tint...kind of like a faded Confederate Blue I guess. I love it though and it'll look so great with the buttons I bought for it. It deserves these buttons because the color just kind of reminds me of a misty, sprinkly day in Ireland (or at least what I'd imagine such a day would look like).

Aren't they great? I love 'em! I know, I seems that I don't have enough for the WHOLE sweater and that some of them are much smaller than the others, but never fear my faithful knitters. There is a reason behind my madness and I just choose not to divulge it because I want my alterations to be a *gasp* surprise! Or at least a surprise as I knit it...because naturally I will be showing a few pictures of it here and there!

Actually, so far, the month of October has been a good knitting month. Very good actually. Besides from the sweater, and my Jaywalkers. I re-cast on my Branching Out that I had to frog after I seriously screwed it up. That's what knitting lace and trying to pay attention to a conversation gets you, apparently. By the time I got back to it I didn't even remember what part of the pattern I was on it was that bad! Which kind of sucked, really because I'd gotten pretty far on it. Still...this is what I've got so far...

Not much I know, but better than a week ago when all I had was one messy looking skein of yarn that was...thankfully...fixed by my oh so loving wife!

Can't you just see the love? That's her "Why am I doing this again?" face! Hehehe. She makes me laugh. Still, the way I figure it, I'm lucky to have her. Any spouse willing to actually wind yarn into a workable center-pull cake for you is definitely worth having! :)

Also this month seems to have pushed into me the yen for actually trying to design a pair of socks, so I picked up my Big Book of Stitch Patterns and thumbed through it, landing on one that I thought was pretty neat and started from there. I picked bright colors to make me think of warm sunny days rather than icy-cold winter nights and cast on and voila! I discovered that it works! It might work better on solid yarn, or a yarn with a more even and maybe even subtle stripe, but well, I think it's coming along pretty well for my first ever custom-made sock. Of course I only have an inch of the leg done's early times yet. But if I like it enough when it's finished and I have enough interest in the pattern I might try to write it down in some form of organized pattern and post it here for other knitters' freebie enjoyment. I like it right now, because it's similar to the Jaywalker pattern but it has a bit more stretch to it. 66 stitches and it fits around my calf comfortably!

You probably can't see the pattern, but once I have more of it done I'll try it on so anyone who likes can get a better look! I used my Knit Picks Memories for the colorway known as "Hawaii". Nice and bright and beautiful and I think they captured the colors on that island nicely. Too bad Knit Picks doesn't sell the yarn any more. It's gorgeous to work with! I haven't named them yet, but I'm toying with "Lucky" since I'll be lucky if I finish it right and the pattern is horse-shoe-ish. :)

I managed to get a few more rows on my Jaywalker as well but not enough to document. I'm knitting a lot of socks it seems. Then again, October's a good month for socks. Very good actually. :) In fact, I think I'm gonna put my feet up and get to knitting. Like I said...lots and lots of Xmas and test knitting. :)

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Sarah Rooney said...

You know it's true love when they will wind your yarn up for you. :)