Thursday, October 4, 2007

Jaywalker of Intense Dislike!

I can't say hate exactly, simply because I've only just cast on the damned socks and am STILL on the ribbing. I think that's why I'm irate. I'm anxious to get the annoying 2x2 ribbing over with and move on to the exciting part so that way I can get on my way to turning the heel (which is my favorite part of making a sock EVER!!!). The ribbing seems like it's taking forever, like I've just spent the past three hours knitting ribbing and guess what? I still have like a quarter of an inch more left to do! It doesn't help that I kept accidentally slipping my needles out of the stitches, which then resulted in seven or eight of them at a time dropping down like three rows (talk about a pain in the butt to pick up!). Thank goodness I was at Knit Nite at my LYS where there were plenty of people willing to help me save the sock (THANKS EVA and SALLY!!!!) because otherwise this might have been one of those UFO's that just stayed that least for a while though. I couldn't leave them unfinished forever because I just love the yarn so much. It's so yummy, reminds me of cotton candy so needless to say I just need to knit it up into these socks and I need them to be done soon! Lorna's Laces is so great...I have a feeling I'll be adding plenty of it to my stash AFTER I go to Rhinebeck (unless of course Lorna's is one of the vendors there then I might do it while I'm there!). Anyway, before I get waaay off topic, here, look at my ribbing....

I know it's not much, but I do love the way the colors knit up. Soooo happy and bright and pretty. Hehehe. Ah well. I really can't wait to go to Rhinebeck though. I'm counting down the days...I'm so excited about it that I couldn't even thoroughly enjoy my baked stuffed lobster dinner (provided by my wonderful MIL whom I love to pieces and is the best cook in the WHOLE world). You know how it gets, the mind wanders and gradually it wanders to yarn and then wool and then well, before you know it all you can think about it is all that money you're going to spend! So excited, can't wait, and yes, I know it's ridiculous, but I can't help it. An unrepentant yarnoholic like me just *needs* to get her fix in and a wool festival's the perfect place to do it. Is anyone else out there in Blogland going? I'd love to meet up!

Oh, and I know it's a strange little twist of topic but it kind of goes along with the shopping part of buying yeah, that's my rationale. I was in the grocery store yesterday, minding my own business. I was just there buying the stuff I'd need to make strawberry shortcake - YUM - when I notice that as I'm walking down the bakery aisle this guy is staring at me...and not even bothering to try and hide it. So I'm like "Okay...just keep on walkin' Cadence and don't even meet his eyes for one second" and I keep on walking, stopping here and there to grab whatever else I need, and sure as anything, that guy follows behind me, trying to be all clever and stuff by trying to look like he's shopping too. At this point, yes, I'm getting very creeped out, but I keep shopping hoping that he'll eventually just leave me the hell alone. Of course, I had to stop to get the whipped cream though and when I turned around, well, there he friggin' well was, standing right behind me so I'd *have* to make eye contact, which of course I did, and I even smiled a little (just to be polite) and gave him a little nod before trying to walk away. He just kind of stood there and started to engage me in a little conversation.

Strange Guy: "Hey..."
Me: "Hi." (saying this and offering a little half-hearted wave)
Strange Guy: "What's your name?"
Me: "Uh...excuse me?" (I just wasn't sure I'd heard him because he said it kind of softly)
Strange Guy: "Your name...what's your name?"
Me: "Oh...uhm, Cadence."
Strange guy: (Offering his hand for a handshake) "It's nice to meet you..."
Me: "Right." (Kind of scared, but shaking his hand anyway while I look around in hopes of spying my luck there either.)
Strange guy: "Well, you're a very attractive woman Cadence..."

And mind you at this point I'm about ready to run and hide because he's giving me this weird, intense I-want-to-do-you-up-against-the-Rice-Krispies look. Trust me, this is a scary look coming from a very tall guy that you have to look up at just to get a good look at him. So I just smile, and finish off the conversation.

Me: "Oh, well...thanks, but I'm married. And a lesbian."

And then I proceed to walk very quickly away, thinking that I might just have to kill Stephanie for letting me walk around a grocery store by myself. Of all places to try and pick up a girl, I would not expect grocery stores to be a good spot, but well, I asked one of my straight guy friends if this was normal and he said that actually, grocery stores were, in fact, quite a good place to pick up girls. So beware my friends, of the man standing in the produce section looking at the eggplants with some confusion and scratching his head. He just might be one of those predators looking for a good-time girl to share pasta with for a couple of nights a week! ;) He says that actually he used to make a "killing" at Stop & Shop (of all the friggin' places!) back when he was single! Scary thought. Anyways, that last part may have been overkill now that I think of it (even if they're both true), but at least it made him go away. Then again, I'm sure there are some guys that would hear the word 'lesbian' and be like "Well, that's great, can I watch?" Dirty pervies. Okay, I soooo have to go now so I can hurry up and get to the leg of my sock!


teabird said...

The pick-up thing is just too funny - I wish I could have seen his face!

Riggwelter said...

oh wow I can imagine that was pretty scary. Good luck with the socks.

Pam said...

HAHAH, only you could get picked up in a grocery store.

YAAAAAAY Rhinebeck!

Sarah (Angrymonkey) said...

I hate when guys creepily follow. That is proof you need knitting needles at all times. That way you always have weaponry. :)

I wish you luck on your socks. I'm glad you rescued them. I figure I'll try socks after my sweater. That way it will feel really really quick.