Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kitty Sweater Cuteness!!!

Bwahahahaha! This is what happens when I get bored and find a really, really cute pattern on the internet for a cat sweater.

Surprisingly, Sophee the WonderCat actually liked the little sweater vest I knit for her in three days so I'd have a picture to send to Crazy Aunt Purl's Sweepstakes, and did nothing but purr, purr, purr while wearing it. Only problem was that the damned thing was a bit long for her skinny body and she kept getting her hind feet caught in it. Ah well, that's what happens when you rush. Either way I think for a first pet garment it didn't come out so bad, but next time I'm knocking off two inches from the body, extending the length of the neck AND knitting some sleeves onto it. Definitely needs the sleeves.

Anyway! If you like the pattern go and check out Christine Landry's page because that's where I nabbed it from (thanks so much Christine for posting it, it's sooo cute!). Hers came out better than mind did though! ;)


Leigh said...

this is the most adorable thing ever! i might make one for m'boy, but he might try to sex it up instead. that's just how he do.

Jerry said...

That is too cute for words. I'd maybe try to knit one for my cat but knot my arms would end up cut to ribbons trying to get her into it.
Good job! :-) I love that

Melody said...

are cats supposed to like sweaters? or is that cat like no other..and do the other cats make fun of him, for being you know... special?

Caroline said...

That is the cutest thing ever! I think my cat would be quite comfortable in a sweater, since he doesn't seem to mind when I dress him up in ribbons and other things.

DawnK said...

That's adorable! I think it's hilarious that your cat loved it! My dog likes to be all snuggled up in blankets, so I can relate.