Monday, November 24, 2008

At a stand still...

Well, I'm not really. I'm just suffering from a temporary dose of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome for you non-knitters out there). See, I finished the first of a pair of Pomatomus socks, and though I would love the finished pair to warm my feet, I can't quite get up the motivation to actually cast on for the second. I'd take a picture to prove that I have indeed finished the first sock, but well, the lighting sucks and my camera sucks even more (time for a new one? Yes, I think so!) so I can't get the pattern to show up. It's pretty though, and warm and I love it so why in hell can't I bring myself to cast on?

It's like this: I'm not sure I'm going to have enough yarn to actually make the second sock, and that pisses me off to no end since (even though I don't care if the stripes match up) I at least want the two socks to kind of match. And I've just discovered that it's not as simple as just picking up a new skein of the yarn because it's Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck (not merino like I'd originally thought) and though it is in the Blues/Purples category, it's kind of just the luck of the dyepot with this yarn. I guess all I can do is actually cross my fingers and hope to GOD that I have enough yarn. Unless of course, one of you kind souls have a skein of this yarn that would match my current unpaired sock? I mean, it would be terribly convenient...really. :) I'd pay too! Money and homemade marshmallows! Yep. Just putting it out there...;)

Anyway, I've received my Thanksgiving Day assignment and I must say that I'm relieved that it's stuff I can more than handle.

My MIL would like me to bring two pans of some home-made rolls, and thanks to the lovely Mrs.B, these will be a piece of cake. And I have bread flour so I'm excited!

She would also like me to make some chocolate melt-a-ways (supah-secret family recipe that I'd love to share but MIL would most likely sacrifice me to whatever Gods she believes in if I did), and a couple of dozen of my grampa's PB&J sandwich cookies. The only snag for the cookies is that I don't have the recipe...yet. But I believe I can finagle it out of him in time to make them. So, I got kind of lucky because I get to make all the fun stuff! YAY!

I personally can't wait for Thanksgiving because it's one of my favorite holidays. I don't know why, I just really like it. And on top of that, the food's always amazing. Nobody makes a turkey like my MIL, I swear. Although, there was this one year that they deep-fried a turkey to go along with the roasted one and that was YUM too (wish they'd do it again...or at least give me the turkey fry-er so I could do it myself). Plus, with all the great Thanksgiving themed cooking show episodes playing this week, I'm really, really syked for it!

So, I guess I have a question to put to all my readers:

What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for a great wife, a fantastic family (in-laws and blood relatives alike!), my Beeba-dog, a nice soft skwooshy skein of yarn (STR = teh YUMMY), bamboo DPN's, Plurk (not only did it help bring readers to this blog but it also introduced me to a WHOLE bunch of really great people - I love my plurk buds, I really do. They keep me sane!), Ravelry, and the wonderful world of the internetz. I love the internet. It's sad how much I love it really, but love it I do! :)


Courtney said...

I am greatful for Shane, My family and his, my dogs :-), knitting, my youth, knitting, plurk, ravelry and all my friends I have met there...also for Molehill empire..that game is great!!!

A. Brown said...

If you ever fry a turkey, make sure it's fully defrosted or it will explode lol

Denise said...

If I had that yarn, I would send it to you for free. I'm just like that.

After the post I just finished writing, I'm most thankful for having known my Grandfather.

Of course also, OH, my plurk friends (who I have been neglecting cough, cough) and my pets.

yarnpiggy said...

Mmmm...I want some of those chocolate meltaways, whatever they are!

Our Thanksgiving was last month, but it's good to remind yourself of what you're grateful for...

I'm grateful for my friends -- those I know in person, and those I know online -- and family, for my health, for books, and for knitting and my stash! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my job, which keeps us supported (and supports my lovely wife's yarn habit). I am thankful for my friends because they keep me laughing. I am thankful for my family and the fact that we grow closer with each passing year...but mostly, I am thankful for my darling wife who gives life meaning and who turned me into the person I wanted to be. XO <3 XO


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my daughter, my wonderful husband, really I can't brag about him enough, my home, my church family, plurk, my health, and I am thankful that I am blessed to be a blessing. And thankful for all the recipe ideas from you, when it comes to cooking you and I are great minds