Saturday, November 29, 2008


Technically, I know it's already Saturday. But for me, Saturday doesn't begin until DW's off at work, because that's when I get all my chores done. It's odd really, being as I'm one of those people that has a genuine loathing of housework in most normal circumstances, and yet I'm finding that when I'm standing in a clean, nice smelling apartment, I'm quite satisfied and proud to know that I am the reason for all the sparkliness that abounds. Still, I've been lazy (read naughty) this week, and have done "bare bones" cleaning...and that means that the apartment hasn't truly been as clean as it should be. So, I did what I said I'd never do and made a list of all the stuff I need to get done by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around to make sure that DW doesn't feel the need to run around, last-minute tidying before she heads to bed after working a double shift. After all, she works a LOT (as my friends on Plurk can attest), so why should she have to come home and work too.

The problem is, I've been having some difficulty with getting motivated. I recently joined Chore Wars, signing up with some of my fellow Ravelrousing Housewives to team up against the household messies that tend to accumulate as part of life, and for a while, that really did help. I guess the novelty wore off because, I have to confess, I have been quite sadly inactive there of late. I'm hoping that making a much hated list and placing it on the fridge will change that...especially since list-making is a new approach for me.

And if I finish my massive amount of tasks in time, I'm rewarding myself with brownies - from the box because I actually like them better than home made (mine always come out too cake-like for my tastes). And maybe,just maybe I'll throw in a pound of some really excellent locally roasted coffee beans....but only if I finish my list, which though it is a doozy should be doable (hopeful here, can ya tell?).

I just hope I finish cleaning in enough time to catch up on my CSI's...;)


mehitabel said...

Oh, I hear that! I sorta sometimes wish I lived in an apartment instead of a big, old house--but I guess I'll need to learn to deal with it! I'm going to look up the Raveling Housewives group--I need all the motivation I can get!

yarnpiggy said...

I'm fortunate sometimes to live in such a wee apartment...there aren't very many surfaces to clean. :-) Good luck with your clean machine mission!

Anonymous said...

The house looks terrific, baby. You did a great job! Thank you. <3


Anonymous said...

Avaiding housework? Check.
Prefer brownies from a box? Check.