Saturday, November 8, 2008

The things I did today...


1. Run around 20 minutes before DW gets home doing dishes so she doesn't think I've been a lazy twat - check

2. Go Nascar grocery shopping (so called because my methodology is to zip in and out of the aisles as quickly as possible and I don't care who I have to slam into to make certain that's possible) - Check

3. Come home and go to put away the groceries only to discover that I had to clean out the fridge first? - Check

4. Actually put the groceries away - Check

4. Locate a friend of a friend's boxer shorts and let wife tape them with a little love note outside Mr. Stick's second story window - check.

Yeah, today's been a full day. And now, I'm left waiting around for my friends Ian and Randi to call me so I can go and be a nerd and play D&D with them...hopefully he's sober enough to run a game though. He went to some beer fest today (I think it was somewhere in Rhode Island) so goodness knows when I'll be hearing from him. I hope soon though. I'm wide awake and wanting to get out of the house for some fun! I know, I'm a geek...dweeb, and a nerd. All three, yes...yes I am. But I love Dungeons and Dragons. I've been playing since I was in junior high, and I don't care how many people tell me to "grow up"...I won't. Not if it means I don't get to play a Drow Necromancer and do all kinds of woggy stuff that normal people can't do!

What is it about D&D that inspires that kind of "Ew, you're a nerd" response anyway? I mean, it's fun for all ages and actually requires some modicum of intelligence, ingenuity and just general imagination to play it. It's not like a video game where you push a bunch of buttons and then start slashing away (not that there's anything wrong with some good old button pushing - I do loves me some video games). It requires slight acting skills. Oh, and reading. Maybe that's it. Not all that many people of the younger generation (or heck older generation) actually seem to like to read.

I tell you, it's a sad state of affairs when something as simple and entertaining as reading deterrs people from a fun time. I've recommended so many good books to so many people over the last few weeks and they just stare at me - usually with their eyebrows all frowny and a glazed look in their eye- slack-jawed that I would even suggest something like actually picking up a book (without pictures mind you) and expanding their minds. Thank goodness my nearest and dearest aren't like that, otherwise I'd go crazy! I read and I read a lot and quickly. I can finish a novel in a day or two usually and still get a good grasp of what's going on in the story.

How about all you readers out there? Are you a speed reader, or are you a slow goer?


yarnpiggy said...

I read. A lot. Reasonably quickly, but not speed-reading.

I've never played D&D, though...don't really know why not, except, I suppose, that no-one I know plays it. The "acting" component you mentioned scares me a wee bit.

Love the NASCAR shopping! :-)

Sorcha said...

Sounds like you had a fun day.
Hope you get to play D&D... I haven't played in years but I love it.
You'd laugh at my way of reading.. I have one book I read whenever I am away form computer even for 5 min (it wanders with me), an audio book I listen to on computer, another audiobook for in car, another for going to sleep to... and sometimes a paperback in my purse. yes all at same time... always at least that many

tinkguy said...

I read. But, I haven't perfected knitting and reading at the same time. Nor, watching a subtitled movie while knitting for that matter.

I used to play the Spy Game version of DnD way-way back when.

Denise said...

I'm a savorer in everything that I enjoy. This includes a good book.

A badly written book, I won't read past the first page or two.

Courtney said...

Sounds like you have had a busy tell me about the boxers...elaborate

Julia said...

I read quite a bit. And it depends on what I'm reading to see how fast I read it. Non-fiction goes slower than fiction. Certain fiction is slower than another. For example, it took me -forever- to get through Necroscope IV (about 500-600 pages); but then reading Avalon High (about 250 pages) in a day? So yeah, with me it depends on what I'm reading. :)

Nascar shopping sounds fun! I get annoyed at people in my way who just won't move, but I also like grocery shopping so I just try to avoid the busy times.

Jeanne said...

I went to the library last week. I came home with a sack full of books. Like 20. I already had 10 from the previous trip. I went yesterday and brought home 7 more. I mean, I am a fast and polygamous reader, but ask me how I'm going to read these in the alloted month's timeframe?

They aren't light reading, either. They are books on Philosophy, personal development, and scientific stuff. Nothing like a little light Quantum Physics before bed, eh? (Something tells me I may also qualify for Nerddom...)

Anonymous said...

So here's the deal with the boxers. On some occasions, either myself (DW), my illustrious spouse (Mrs. Needle), or my brother and his wife (Mr. And Mrs. Sticks) do laundry at Mother's house. (ScottishNana) And two pairs of boxer shorts (One with a M*A*S*H logo on it and the other with, I think Frankenstein or something) surfaced and went around the giddy-goat with "Are these yours?" No one laid claim to them so Mr. Sticks had hold of them and brought them to Chez Needle in the sky. Naturally, they didn't belong to either of us but Mr. Sticks, being the butt-head that he is, left them on the landing. So I hung them from his car antenna. And he hung them from my hall-light pull-string. So I put them in his mailbox. Then he stuck one the grill of my car and the other on the unused satellite dish on the fire escape. So I taped one pair to his front window and he can expect the other pair in the mail in a couple days...


P.S. My wife is a lazy twat-waffle!