Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Before I head off into the sunset,

I just wanted to tell you all that so far, the baguette experiment is working out well! The starter finished fermenting at 8am and I refrigerated it so I could make the dough and set it to rise later in the day after DW and I got up. Dough is rising beautifully, no baking onto the side of the bowls. However, I'm about to kind of mix things up by making this a Traveling Baguette. I'm heading out to my friend Ian's house to watch Tropic Thunder and play some Rock Band, so since the dough's not finished rising, I figured I'd take it with me, let it rise the rest of the way and then bake it there. Hopefully, this doesn't screw things up. I know that I'm tempting fate, but maybe, just maybe I can pull this off!

Also, I plan on knitting some tonight too...but mostly my plans include plenty of one on one time with the wifey. ;)

And while she's over here making "Ooowaaaaah" noises on my neck, I figure I'll give you this website to check out.


It's fun! Type in a command and he'll follow it!


Denise said...

Fingers crossed for you on your bread.

Anonymous said...

Oooowaaaaaah! Oooooowaaaaah!