Thursday, November 13, 2008

Swap Shenanigans

So, last month I joined in on a Chocolate and Yarn Swap through the Chocolate group on Ravelry. Let me just say that this is the first swap in a long time that I've thoroughly enjoyed. Not only was it fun for me to shop for my spoilee, but my spoiler- well she definitely spoiled me!


Let's just say that MrsDarcy knows me well! Now, I know the picture kind of sucks, but see I couldn't wait for better light because I absolutely had to have that Sansibar sesam and havsalt(sesame and sea salt I think it means)candy bar and I had to have it yesterday. But today had to be good enough, and for all you jealous chocaholics out there - it was delicious! I got three bars of chocolate the Sansibar and the Bocca both made in a local factory to where Mrs. Darcy lives in Norway, and the third one (little yellow bar I think it's Freia or Freida) is produced in Oslo. I've only tried the Sansibar because I'm trying really hard to savor them. It's working out so far, but the temptation of that Bocca is really getting to me.

For the yarn, I got four lovely skeins of it! Two skeins of Falk by Dale of Norway, one skein of Verona (a merino/silk blend that's from a Danish company), and a skein of Alpakka - 100% Alpaca sock yarn imported from Bolivia! Also, she included a lovely pair of super comfy, pretty and warm crocheted wristers and two fantastic buttons plus a lovely postcard featuring the place where she's from as it's picture! Oh! And some delicious loose leaf tea! Thanks again, and here are a couple of more pics!

A closer look at the yarn and tea.

A better (if a little blurry) look at the chocolate and the gorgeous post card that she wrote her note on!

A better look at the wristers and the two awesome buttons she sent me (I love, love, LOVE interesting buttons! Squeee!!!!)

Once again, MrsDarcy, you rock!

And for those that are curious, this is what I wound up sending my swap pal, PrincessPurling over in England!

Swap package

I sent her two packets of Milk Chocolate Pretzel Flips (She asked for them because she loves them and can't get them over in England), and one packet of chocolate swirl. Two Dagoba chocolate bars - Chai and Chili and Nibs. Two 100g skeins of Knitpicks' Gloss Bare and a bunch of kool-aid packets to dye it with and I made her a Tudora to keep her neck all warm and cozy while she enjoys these things.

Truthfully, I agonize over whether the person I'm sending to will like the stuff I give to them, but I usually find that all that agonizing is for naught as they wind up loving it! I am however, glad that the swap is over because now I have all kinds of fun stuff to play with. :)


yarnpiggy said...

Who's a lucky sausage, then! You got (and are giving) some great loot! How did I not know about a chocolate group on Ravelry? I must. join. right. now.

Courtney said...

I love swaps!!

Mrs. Darcy said...

I'm happy the hear you enjoyed your gift :)!

Anonymous said...

Hello! PrincessPurling here. Our blogger is being way to modest. I raved and raved about how fantastic a spoiler she was. I was sqealing for joy for about 10 minutes as I opened the parcel!

I think that some swaps can be a bit of an anti-climax, but I was soooo happy with my package this time it really made my day!