Monday, November 17, 2008


I totally almost forgot to blog for today!

So, my first attempt at making baguettes was an abject failure. Oh, the starter came out fine...did what it was supposed to do and therefore was all risen and bubbly, but the dough...well, the dough itself didn't come out right. I put in too much water I think, which is why the dough was probably too sticky, next time I'll use less as I'll remember that it is supposed to be a bit dry. But even with the dough being a tad sticky, it would still have been okay if I had not set the dough in a not-quite oiled enough metal bowl on a much too hot space heater to rise! I went to turn the dough out for shaping and much to my surprise found that only half of it came out - the rest was baked to the inside of the bowl.

I had a fun time washing that dish I'll tell ya. Not!

Well, needless to say, I wanted to pitch the bowl out the window, but instead I soaked it so I could use it again. After all, I can't just give up. I am NeedleGirl - Housewife extraordinaire and baker of delights damnit!!! So, I totally made another starter today. Now I'm just waiting for it to ferment - and this time, I'm following Betty's advice and sticking it in an unheated oven to rise rather than on the space heater of HATE!

As for the rest of life, I'm waiting for an order from Knit Picks to come in, contemplating knitting some more of my Pomatomus sock (I'm on the gusset now!) and hoping that DW doesn't get forced because I selfishly want her to come home at 7 so we can cuddle.

I love cuddling and DW is the best at it! The best EVAR!:)


Denise said...

I almost forgot about posting today as well.

I put the oven on the warm setting 140 F to warm up a bit while I'm mixing the dough. Then shut the oven off and stick the dough in, in a well greased bowl.

yarnpiggy said...

I still have to blog...I think Mel might feature prominently in today's post...again.

I'm with Denise on the pre-heated-then-turned-off oven...

mrsb said...

I've tried doing starters a couple of times and they never come out. I don't know what I'm doing wrong to kill them, lol.

I make a lot of plain old yeast breads and they come out just fine. I swear.

Anonymous said...

I love cuddling with Mrs. Needle and the reason I'm so good at it is because I'm so fluffy!


elaines630 said...

Mmmmm, fresh baked bread is awesome... no matter how many times it takes to get it right!