Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two people in a car

Apparently, when me and DW get together with little else on our minds but getting out of the house for a little bit to get some fresh air, it winds up being just a bit of an unexpected escapade. See, we hopped in the Jeep at 11 in the morning, and just planned on a quick little drive and chat, maybe grab a couple of coffees and then when the coffee was finished - boom, we go home. Yeah, we should have known that was so not how it was going to be. We didn't actually get home until 2 p.m., and that was because somehow, someway we got lost. LOST! It was kind of fun actually, looking around to see where exactly in Massachusetts (or Rhode Island depending on what part of the trip we were on)we were and giggling over how far we accidentally drove. And it gave us an excellent opportunity to just talk.

Talking is something that I find to be highly underrated by society today. Either you talk "too much", or talk "too little" and never talk "just enough". It's always something that is spoken of in a negative way...this talking. I wonder why. Me, I love to talk (in case you couldn't tell), and I'm always willing to listen to other people talk too. In fact, in my opinion, you can never really talk enough! Talk about the weather, talk about politics, talk about silliness...talking is a basic human need that not too many folks indulge in around here it seems. I've been told I talk "too much" on more than one occasion, really, but I tend to just shrug that off. I mean, isn't it more interesting if you're a talker. Doesn't that mean that you lead a rich, full life just bursting to be spoken of?

Sure some of the things I talk about might be boring to some people (like knitting...for some reason that makes quite a few people look at me odd...and needless to say I am not close to those people)but for the most part, a great many folks out there seem to find what I have to say interesting and I am well-liked because I talk a lot. It just makes me wonder about those people that are negative about it. Are they hiding something? Are they somehow jealous of my mad talkin' skillz? Or perhaps...they are secretly mute? I don't know.

What about you guys out there? All you folks that are reading my blog and wondering what's what in the Needle household? Are you guys talkers or are you of the opinion that too much talk is just that - too much?

Seriously, I wanna know!


Corrina said...

I'm totally a talker. In fact when I get nervous I talk a lot and *really* quickly. But I'm ok with it!

yarnpiggy said...

Except in extreme circumstances -- if I have a headache, or I'm in a theatre -- I love to listen to people talking. I tend to not talk too much around people I've just met, but once I'm comfortable with someone, it's hard to shut me up. :-)

mrsb said...

I guess I'm in the middle somewhere. I enjoy talking and listening. A good conversation is a joy. I also like being comfortable enough with someone that I can sit in silence and not feel like I *have* to talk. That's special in it's own way.

Courtney said...

I am a talker and I love to say what I have to say no matter what :-)

Courtney said...

I am a talker and I love to say what I have to say no matter what :-)

Julia said...

For me, it depends on what's being said and who's the one talking. I love talking and listening, but only if it's not a "fill-the-silence" kind of talk. That's the kind of talk that irritates me and O's dad is a major offender in that arena.

But if you're connecting and feel like you can talk about anything, then great, I'm there. I love that kind of talking.

I also do like the silence though... I guess it comes from being a Finn. We're not really known to be major talkers you see. So with me, it usually goes me being quiet when I don't really know someone (kinda shy), then talking a lot when I feel comfortable with them, and finally going back to not talking a lot because it's an easy silence, just enjoying each other's company. :)

elaines630 said...

I'm not a big talker. I like to listen to other people as long as its not, like Julia said, fill the silence talking. Its ok to have silence sometimes, but some people just CANT stop talking!